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amazing plant, makes you feel crazy good. but many retards who have never even tryed the drug claim its bad for you. Which is a god damn lie. the first time you get hi off it u will want to stay high for the rest of your life.
mom "weed is not a o.k. drug to do"
me "i no its not, its amazing"
by EL GRANDE BICHO October 23, 2006
for puerto ricans it means dick
you "why did my wife of 10 years just leave me all of the sudden?"
me "is cus i pulled out ma fat puerto rican bicho, sorry."
by EL GRANDE BICHO September 09, 2006
a gud reggaeton artist who is PUERTO RICAN. he has sum gu songs like corazones, machete, lo que paso paso, rompe (kinda annoying) n alotta other shit thats gud. but there are much better reggaeton artist out there
"mira chek this shit out"
"quien es?"
"daddy yankee pendejo"
by EL GRANDE BICHO September 08, 2006

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