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Laying some Fuckin' Pipe or..(present tense)
lay some fuckin' pipe ( just saying) or..
laid some fuckin pipe (past tense)
Conversation: I'm gonna go out tonite, pick up a slut and LSFP.


On your msn knick name, while in the act of, or the day after put LSFP in your name. This will let your buddies know, that you were in the fuckin' zone. So not now cheif.
by EL CIGAR April 12, 2008
similar in nature to a roundhouse kick. Only performed by a person with no martial arts training and not much of a vertical jump. Typically used by bar patrons on inadimate objects on the walk home.
"Give'r a wind kick"

"I wind kicked the shit out of that garbage can"
by EL CIGAR January 27, 2009

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