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Someone who spends their time searching medical websites for diseases they convince themselves they actually have

Similiar to a hyperchondriac
'Then i went on this website and found out that i actually have diabetes AND chronic fatigue!'
'Dude...you're a cyberchondriac'
by el January 07, 2005
Someone who spends all their time on the computer surfing the net or playing games. Similar to couch potato.
You spent seven hours on the internet creating meanings for words on urban dictionary? Wow, You're such a mouse potato
by el January 07, 2005
a woman performs fellatio on a man and keeps his 'juices' in her mouth, then the man performs cunnilingus on the woman, whilst she is menstruating, and also keeps her 'juices' in his mouth, they then kiss passionately making one big assed sloppery rank-as-fuck mess.
couple: slop, gargle
me: wretch

(to be honest i wretched at the description)
by el March 16, 2005
Someone who's a tool
You're such a bloody spanner
by el January 07, 2005
to be horney
a guy when he sees a girl naked
by el February 17, 2004
With or Having 'The Quickness'
He walks swiftly
by eL April 08, 2004
A Spanish word that is used for some one who sucks at everything. Can't get anything right. Or in English a sucka
Este ricarius no es bueno a chinga.

This sucka aint good at fucking.
by EL February 16, 2005

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