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3 definitions by EJayK

When you go out to a bar/club and end up going home with and fucking a divorced woman in her mid-fifties who has big 80's hair and blue eye shadow looking just like the singer Anne Murray.
Last night I got pretty fucked up, my buddy scored a young hottie but I just ended up pulling an Ann Murray.

Dude I was bored last night so I ended up Ann Murraying your mom.
by EJayK December 16, 2007
6 0
in Japan, or any other Asian conntry, it is the equivalent of the word "village".
Godzilla is detroying the willage, we must flee!
by EjayK December 06, 2007
2 3
a move where a naked guy is hiding from his roomate by opening the refridgerator door and standing behind it. When the naked guy looks down he notices his chubber is in the butter dish
When Pete saw Eric coming in the kitchen he realized he was naked so he opened the refridgerator door and pulled a dick in the butter.
by EJayK December 16, 2007
14 19