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To get an erection while spooning or cuddling another individual. A spoonicorn may be used to poke the backside of said individual to coax them into coitus.
i got a wicked spoonicorn last night when i was with heather, its cool though she took care of it.
by EJ [iBC] July 27, 2007
the result of vigorous intercourse where one party, usually a female, loses the capability to function normally. Motor skills become impaired, as dose speech, you may also notice only the whites of their eyes.

These traits as well as sweaty or clammy skin may cause a zombie like appearance. The effects usually only last a few minutes but instill great confidence in the one who caused them.
Jennifer was over last night, we went at if for two hours, i turned that bitch into a cock zombie. She couldn't talk for like 10 minutes, just laid there twitching.
by EJ [iBC] August 14, 2007
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