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ejaculatory fluid from a male's testes.
That ho really had to work my swingin' steak at the danglin' diner, to get her serving of two balled country gravy.
by EH of HB November 05, 2007
Vial, colorfull, odiferious discharge released from the vagina. Infection is certainly to blame.
You should have seen the squak mustard smeared over those Pastrami flaps on that chick I took home last night.
by EH of HB September 03, 2007
Style of hybrid dancing created back in the late seventies, early eighties,using the pogo, and slamdancing with the Punk, Skin subculture of Huntington Beach CA. HB's own Circle Jerks fans were among the originators. To do the strut, goosestep like a Nazi soldier, and with the opposite arm from which ever leg is out, make a fist and raise to chest height, while lowering opposite arm with a fist to waist level..repeat. Just look at the pit at the next venue i guarentee somebode will be doin it
The HB Strut is the sickest of the punk dances.
by EH of HB October 23, 2007
We all know what punani means, what you might not know is that "lale" pronounced (lah lay) means beautiful flower. A much more deserved acclaim than the ordinary, of which there is no substitute. YUM YUM GOOOOOOD!
The girl I met last night had such a punani lale, I didn't even tap her. But I sure tended her flower garden, while I slaked my thirst with her copius amount of nectar.
by EH of HB March 29, 2008
Women having poor feminine hygene wiping in the wrong direction. Hence "ruddy" very oldschool name for shit, and puddy a nickname form of puddenda.
I was in totall disbelief when I took that hottie's chonies down, I was hovering over her kitty when I caught whiff of ruddypuddy that would knock a buzzard off a shitwagon.
by EH of HB September 17, 2007
Women with large and bulbuose labia.
That chick's pastrami flaps could help stamp out world hunger.
by EH of HB September 03, 2007
The wrinkled skin around your anus.
Did you see that slut's anus? It looked just like a tied ballon.
by EH of HB November 15, 2007

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