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1. Fossil of a pre-civil war niggr. (Example: Dred Scott)
2. A person having lips such as those of Jaz-Z (rapper)
1. Dred Scott case was one of the most famous cases in the Supreme Court, a very admirable nigglio.
2. My friend is a nigglio-look at his lips!
by EDPT April 14, 2011

1. A person who is both sly and cynical at the same time.

2. A person who has the ability to be very smooth and go about doing something so that no one notices.

3. Someone who's moves are calculated & bold to obtain a specific result.
1. Wow, that slynical guy! He calculates his every move and gets away with anything!

2. Anthony carried on with his illegal business for months, convincing everyone it was legitimate. He's so slynical.
by EDPT May 18, 2011

1. Group of people who engineer (come up with) words to add to the English language.
1. Did you see that? They made up 2 words in 30 seconds! They're clearly wordgineers.

2. By adding this word to urban dictionary, I am a wordgineer.
by EDPT May 17, 2011
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