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1 definition by ECFalloutKids<3Selena

Both a verb and noun, Big Haas (pronounced: big hahss), taken from the English word Big and the German word "Haas", meaning man, describes either the act of chucking a basketball against the backboard of a basketball hoop after having jumped in the air near said hoop, or a person who is fat and/or muscular.
Big Haas may also be used in a slang manner as solely "Haas" interchangeably.
As a verb - "Holy shit, did you just see him Big Haas?! I'm going to stay away from that kid."

As a shortened verb- "HAHA! He just Haased trying to make a basket! What a tool!"

As a noun - "Dude, all those Doritos and Oreos got the best of uncle Bill and now he's a Big Haas."

As a shortened noun- "Wow, I just watched a documentary on the 1000-pound man today. He was the most humongous Haas I ever saw."
by ECFalloutKids<3Selena August 09, 2009