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When a guy is is receiving oral-sex and the penis is fully inserted in the partners mouth. The penis touches the throat, and often makes the person gag. As the deepthroating continues and the guy climaxes in the throat, it is said that they experienced a Deepthroat Encore.
Guy1: Dude, last night was amazing! I got a deepthroat encore. I get the chills just thinking about.

Guy2: No way! I envy you.
by EBonjovi July 27, 2011
Wilblt (Will-built) is the term used to describe the tuning service a car received. When a vehicle has been Wilblt, it is said that the car has been tuned for ultimate performance.
Eric – If my Audi had not been Wilblt, I would not have won that race.
Dude1 – My car is really slow. Who do you recommend I do to make it fast?
Dude2- The best solution is having it Wilblt. That car will be flying in no time.
by EBonjovi July 30, 2011

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