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EBD - Essex Beat Down, founded in the late 1990's EBD was the term penned for Essex based hardcore bands such as Unite, Raiden and Special Move. EBD members were often found collaboratin with LBU members around 1997 and shared the pit for the beatdowns in London and Southend. Since the recent upsurge in hardcore there are many fakes who claim to fly the EBD flag not knowing what and who it represents. In recent times there has been an influx of new REAL EBD bands and representatives keeping the bloodline fresh. This includes bands such as the aptly titled Every Body Dies (EBD) along with Thy Kingdom Come and Judged By Blood. True EBD representatives bare the Essex Swords Crest as a tattoo, mainly on the wrist. UKHC EBD STYLE 2006
Essex bands EBD and close family
Special Move
Every Body Dies
Thy Kingdom Come
Judged By Blood
Point Down
My Cross To Bare
The Failing
by EBD Representative April 28, 2006

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