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An unincorporated area of Cobb County with middle class houses, stores, and people. The houses are semi-nice, some really nice, some showing age, but overall upper middle class. The stores are pretty much anything you'll find in any different city in the suburbs of Atlanta (John's Creek, Roswell, etc), and the people all hate each other. Many people in East Cobb think they're rich, but they're not really, just upper middle class(they're just average people with some savings and birth control) . Everyone in East Cobb hates it and refers to everyone else in East Cobb as "Dumb rich east cobbers" when they are the same themselves. Basically, East Cobb is an average, nice place to live with people who have very large egos. ALSO- anyone who claims to be hood, or was somehow misplaced in East Cobb, is not hood. NO ONE IN EAST COBB IS HOOD OR GANGSTA.
At school, just the mention of East Cobb will get you many complaints. Everyone is privileged in a sense but they don't appreciate it.
by EAST COBB SNOB May 29, 2012

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