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St. John's Prep, located in Danvers, Massachusetts is an all boys private high school. Started by the Xaverian Brothers, the Prep is well known due to its powerhouse athletics, difficult academic workload, and beautiful campus. Typically, graduates attend big name universities around the country. The Prep is modeled after Boston College, a school where many Prep grads apply and attend after graduation.

Students of the Prep typically come from very wealthy families of the North Shore of Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire. The student parking lot includes dozens of wealthy vehicle marques and students are typically adorned in their extremely preppy attire including Polo or Tommy Hilfiger. The boys of the Prep are the crème of the crop and many of the girls in the local area want a "Prep Boy" to bring home to Mom and Dad.

St. John's breeds the best and brightest. It turns ordinary boys into leaders and gentlemen. People know when they meet a Prep boy because of his class and dignity as well as their outstanding respect and distinctive mannerisms.

Without a doubt the Prep is the best school for boys the world throughout. There is no finer school that will provide the depth and precision of an education while transforming an ordinary boy into a world class gentleman.
"Where do you go to high school, young man?"
"I go to St. John's Prep..."
"Well allow me to introduce you to my daughter!"
by EAGLE123 December 03, 2006

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