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A blue-collar city in Southern Arizona filled with plumbers, mechanics, electricians, and college students.
Most successful people living in Tucson are not from the area.
by EA888 July 02, 2013
Traditionally, an apartment-style home that you own. However, condos can resemble apartments, lofts, townhomes, or single-family homes. California has a lot of gated single-family detached homes that are marketed as condos because landscaping, common areas, the community pool and spa, and tennis courts are taken care of as part of an astronomically high association fee. They can be converted and upgraded from their apartment days or built with their intended purpose from the start. They make good vacation properties and can provide rental income when not in use. Condos are the international language of homeownership because you can get one anywhere in the world. Condos can be on golf courses, beaches, greenbelts, etc. A penthouse is the king of condos.
"I don't have time to take care of a yard because I'm a medical doctor who works 80 hours a week, that's why I own a $2 million dollar condo in Hollywood whose association dues cover a club room, rooftop deck, movie theater, sauna, tennis courts, workout room, weight room, and pool and spa. I could own a 6000 sq. ft. home in the suburbs for the same money, but I want an urban lifestyle with all the amenities and shopping and I don't want a half-hour commute.
by EA888 July 03, 2013
An affluent suburb of Phoenix that was criticized for being a haven for the nouveau riche 60 years ago, but now that the area is verging on old money, people have developed jealously towards it. People stereotype the area for expensive mansions, but the area is mostly $450,000 single-family homes. Scottsdale also has trailers, apartments, condos, and townhomes, but people focus on the minority super-rich in the area. There's also a huge difference between South Scottsdale and North Scottsdale. Living in Scottsdale does not necessarily mean you're stuck-up...it mostly likely means you want a safe area, good schools, nice homes, excellent shopping, and world class resorts.
Scottsdale's nickname is 'Snobbsdale'.

Scottsdale is the closest thing to Hollywood in Arizona.

A lot of celebrities flock to Scottsdale because of its resorts, golfing, and low-key nature.
by EA888 July 03, 2013
An affluent suburb of Tucson, Arizona. The Catalina Foothills School District has been on the news multiple times for heroin busts and other drug-related issues. Catalina Foothills High School's nickname is "heroin high." Google it. The area is mostly crumbling roads, 70s ranch homes, and newer custom one-stories.
"I work in the city of Tucson and I'm a lawyer so like most of my co-workers, I live in Catalina Foothills."
by EA888 July 03, 2013
An affluent suburb of Tucson, Arizona where people move to when they can't afford to live in California.
"I felt like trash living in SoCo because people with real money there live in $2,000,000+ homes so I moved to a $500,000 house in Catalina Foothills so blue-collar Tucsonans think I'm rich."
by EA888 July 03, 2013
A rural blue-collar community of Tucson, Arizona.
"I work in the back of a restaurant and I smoke meth so I live in a rented trailer in Catalina, Arizona."

"I'm retired and I want to live in a 55+ community of expensive homes away from the craziness of Tucson so I live in SaddleBrooke, the only nice area in Catalina, Arizona."

"I can't afford to live in Oro Valley so I live in Catalina, Arizona."
by EA888 July 03, 2013
A single-family home attached to other similar houses.
"I'm a first-time home buyer but I can't afford a single-family home in a decent area yet so I bought a townhome."

"I'm retired, I don't want a 4000 sq. ft. home and a big yard anymore so I bought a townhome."

"I wanted a nice house, but not the upkeep of a single-family home so I bought a townhome"
by EA888 July 03, 2013

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