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GENO-G; Adjective

Common Germanic *ganogaz, whence also Old High German ginuog, Old Norse gnógr

ġenōġ; meaning sufficient

Sufficient - (comparative more sufficient, superlative most sufficient) From Latin sufficiēns, present participle of sufficiō.

1. Equal to the end proposed; adequate to wants; 'enough'; ample; 'competent'; as in, provision sufficient for the family; an army sufficient to defend the country.

**2. Possessing adequate talents or accomplishments; of competent power or ability; qualified; fit.

**3. Capable of meeting obligations; responsible.

**4. Self-sufficient; self-satisfied; content.

Derived terms
- sufficiency
- sufficiently

Related terms
- suffice

He is Geno-G, a true "artist!" One who lets his creative music and originality speak for itself while constantly seeking growth.
by E.T.II December 08, 2008

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