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to scrophingag is the act of scrogin just rough and rowdy in the bed of a jacked up truck sittin on 44s thats the way down in good ol canton ga
Bubba: hey Betty joe do you got plans tonight after the shindig?

Betty Joe: I aint sure Bubba aint gotta be home till dawn. . . . what are your plans?

Bubba: Well i was goin go MUDDBOGGIN in my ol Chevy pickemup truck if you want to go i got me some spare room the rest of the boys or meetin me there.

Betty Joe: Yea i would love to Cum with you bubba sounds fun when we headin out?

Bubba: Around about beer thirty

Betty joe: sounds good what else is goin on?

Bubba: well we can go scrophingagin if you want to just gotta watch out for the cup i been spittin my dip into and hold on tight cause its going to be wilder than a 8 second ride
by E.S.A January 21, 2010

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