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Manitoba - Eastern most of the four Western Provinces of Canada. There are two beautiful National Parks: Riding Mountain National Park, which is a mixture of boreal forest and aspen parkland. Topographically diverse thanks to ancient glaciers, and home to elk, Wolf, Whitetail Deer, Bison, Moose, Lynx, Mountain Lion, Black Bear, and Coyote. Wapusk National Park is locate near Hudson's Bay and is a great place to view polar bears and beluga whales. Few places are as diverse as Manitoba, as it contains Canadian Shield, Rolling and often jaggedly hilly prairie, Desert, boreal Forest and Tundra. Winnipeg, the capitol, has over 700,000 residents. The summers are boiling hot, and the winters are equally cold. This city has great art and music scenes, as well as wonderful dining and nightlife. As with any city there are places you should avoid, but it seems many people dwell on this fact. Manitobans love sports and festivals, and take great pride in the diversity and multiculturalism of their province. Manitoba is a great place.
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Riding Mountain National Park

Spruce Woods Provincial Park

Whiteshell Provincial Park


Manitoba etc.
by E.N.204 November 12, 2009

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