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The mother of Bridezillas husband and her arch nemesis
After the wedding we get to see Bridezilla and Mothra-in-law square off at the reception!
by E. Sweet March 23, 2010
1. The prey of a lesbian cougar or mountain lion.
2. Young innocent lesbian that is attracted to older women
3. Lesbian that hides in her cubicle at work because she recieves a lot of "attention" from her male coworkers.
1. I'm gunna find me a 20-something cubian tonight.
2. Older women just know how to please me better than any of these cubians that are my age.
3. Sue never leaves her cubical whenever Jack is in the office. She is turning into such a cubian.
by E. Sweet November 01, 2009
when you are playing a game and someone sucks so bad that they get killed over and over again easily or they get killed so often it seems they are always dead
Player 1: Insucesso: this used user is already dead and cannot be placed on the hitlist.
Player 2: That fool is always dead.
Player 1: Yeah i think that he is PERMADEAD!
by E. Sweet January 19, 2009
A man or woman who uses their tongue to pleasure someone they have just met by licking their vagina, penis, anus, testicles, and/or other sensual areas of the body.
Girl 1: I only met him five minutes ago and he was already licking my pussy.
Girl 2: that guy is sucka lickwhore!
by E. Sweet June 27, 2008
When you play a first person shooter game (like Halo, Call of Duty, or Gears of War) and you beat down your worthless opponent or senseless enemy instead of wasting a bullet on them.
I always guncheck on my final kill!
by E. Sweet August 03, 2008

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