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Lack of intelligence. The most common thing known to man, followed far behind by hydrogen atoms.
"Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former."-Albert Einstein
by E. R. Faust August 20, 2005
A very disturbing children's show from Britain. Like their forerunners, the Teletubies, they have been smuggled onto public television in the United States of America. Unlike other things that have come to America from Britain, such as monty python and the Beatles, this show has no value of any type.
They are round creatures that look as if they had become entangled in seperate colors of christmas lights, each one being it's own color, with five in all. They appear to move about by flatulation, giving new meaning to the expression "farting around". Despite their cute appearance, they are, in fact, the spawn of Hell and the servants of Satan. They seek to make the next generation docile and complacent, so that when the final battle comes, they will be either too stupid or too scared to fight. This was formerly the task given to the Teletubies, but their cover was exposed.
Here are some words of warning to anyone who may catch a glimpse of these mostrosities while flipping channels, wash your eyes! If, for any reason, you find them to be, in any way, shape, or form, "cute", seek mental health counseling immediately. In case you have become attracted to them in any way( esp. sexually), kill yourself before you spread this plague.
Boobahz r t3h 3v1l!
Boobahs are a disgrace to the peoples of the U.K.
by E. R. Faust July 06, 2005
Anime series that appears on Adult Swim in the U.S. every so often. Despite having only 6 episodes, it is very popular. Although all the guitar whacking on the head, robots emerging out of said head, and said robots fighting one another seems pointless at first,the plot reveals itself upon closer inspection. The actual plot is not to be discussed, it must be figured out. This is a series that many like, but few understand.
Did you see Furi Kuri last night? That was so weird!
by E. R. Faust July 06, 2005
A philosophical viewpoint whose members believe in nothing, not even nihilism. Thus, it is self-defeating, and utterly pointless.
I have yet to see anything, good or bad, come out of nihilism.
by E. R. Faust July 12, 2005
A pencil and paper role-playing game. Considered by some to be the unofficial beginning of the fantasy/geek subculture.
Why don't you go play dungeons and dragons with your geek friends?
by E. R. Faust July 06, 2005
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