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* Engaging in penetration without the man using protection.
* Something hypocritical.
Shorty like it raw. It would be a contraDICKtion to even tap dat.

If you go to that protest in DC, those police will taser your ass well-done. Going there would be a contraDICKtion, man.
by E. Irizarry May 21, 2008
* The epitome of a gay man.
* The pinnacle of a man being gay.
* A gay man that emulates on purpose that he's gayer than that gaynest man out there.
* A dude that is exponentially gay.
Buffalo Bill in drag in Silence of the Lambs.
Damn. And I thought that Sylvester (dead R&B singer), Tevin Campbell, and George Michael was fruity-as-fuck, but this dude a bogusfag for real.
by E. Irizarry May 21, 2008

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