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A redneck delicacy: turkey stuffed with a duck stuffed with a squirrel.
Mmm. This turduckel is finger-lickin' good.
by E. Ho October 20, 2008
a mythical fairy that visits males during sleep and sprinkles them with semen. the jizz fairy is used to explain nocturnal emissions (also known as "wet dreams").
The jizz fairy paid me a visit last night, so I decided to wash my sheets today.
by E. Ho February 18, 2009
An orgy involving dinosaurs.
The Stegosaurus, T. Rex, and Triceratops all went over to the Pterodactyl's house for a dinosaurgy.
by E. Ho March 29, 2008
a mythical beast that steals your undies in the middle of the night whilst you are sleeping, most often after consuming copious amounts of alcohol.
The undie monster paid me a visit last night.
by E. Ho September 27, 2009

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