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5 definitions by E-dogg

"Fours" is the name used to refer to a certain type of rim (hubcap), made of wire, in 1984 (where the "four" comes from). They have a fairly distinctive shape, sticking out from the wheel.

The rims are now extremely expensive and rare, having been discontinued. This type of rim is especially popular in Houston.

The term fo' fo's was popularized in the song Still Tippin by Mike Jones Feat. Slim Thug and Paul Wall. Tippin means to cruise from side to side in your car, so if you're tippin on fo' fo's, you're cruising around on your really expensive, rare wire rims.
"Still tippin on fo' fo's" (chorus from Still Tippin' by Mike Jones)
by E-dogg March 25, 2005
440 143
1. n.-period
2. v.-to "period" all over your surrounding environment thus creating a great mess.
"oh no! i jokingly called her fat and she miahued on my new jacket!!!"
by E-dogg February 07, 2005
1 1
What a fly honey causes her man to do...
"Shawty crunk, on the floor wide open;
skeet so much they call her Billy Ocean"

Ying Yang Twins
by E-Dogg February 09, 2004
9 14
shortened term for the word danish as in danish pasteries, available in a multitude of flavors including strawberry, bear claw, and dingleberry.
Chris would eat a guys asshole just to get a hold of some nish.
by E-Dogg January 13, 2004
7 19
to physically abuse/hit someone.
1)oh snap, did you see that fool? He just got dumped on by 6 dudes.

2)stop playin' or I'ma have to dump on you.
by E-Dogg January 08, 2004
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