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A word shouted when you spot a female with nice breasts and you want to show your approval or express your sexual attraction toward her.
"Dude check out that girls tits"

Yells towards girl:
"Hey girl, shohmehyatits!

(Girl dumps out thoughs beautiful sex-yams)
by E-Tyme November 29, 2008
When a male uses his penis to play musical melodies on a womens bare butt.
"Honey what are you doing to my ass?"

"Playin' my cockandspeil."
by E-tyme August 12, 2008
Another term for texting on a cell phone.
Aye yo Ethan!

What dawg?

Phone type me that picture of evans Mazda

I am Phone typing it to you now

by E-tyme August 12, 2008
To steal someone else’s pot plants; usually right before harvest, and usually pertains to theft of outdoor plants thus not criminally entering someone’s home.
Man 1: Hey man, someone stole my pot plants last night!

Man 2: Oh damn, what a crop drop.
by E-Tyme August 11, 2008
A marijuana term for paying too much for a bag of weed on account of poor quality or a misrepresented amount (example you get charged for dank weed but you receive swaggy shit or you pay for a eighth but get a dime bag) and not finding out till later.
"Aw man I used Black Quatered by my old dealer but now that I know better, I wont buy that swag anymore."
by E-tyme August 11, 2008
District 6 is a street gang that originated in Portland Maine, and has spread to Topsham, Brunswick, and even Bowdoinham. Their gang colors are red, orange and black. Their symbol or "Tag" is "District 6" written in graffiti like font. Their crimes consistent of drug and arms trafficking, and what they are famous for: Car Boosting/Grand theft auto. They are also heavily into illegal street racing, and chop shops. They are famous for their street tuner cars, usually in one of their three gang colors. They are supposedly affiliated with Bloods and Latin Kings.
Man 1: Hey did you hear ted got murdered last night?

Man 2: Yep...damn that District 6.
by E-Tyme August 11, 2008

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