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This is the alter-ego to Flav-o-flav's famous and outrageously ridiculous "Yeah Boy" quote. It allows the user to express both complete discontent and refusal in most any situation.
Mike says "Hey Frank, can you loan me twenty bucks till next week?"
Frank says "Noooo boyyeeee", you're a freakin bum!!!!"

Millie says "Hey Frank, wanna go out sometime???"
Frank says "Noooo boyyeeee", you're a freakin pig!!"

no boy
by E-ROCK123 October 16, 2009
Flav-o-flav's famous catch phrase signifying that things are all good, but if it is said really slow with a low tone, it can be used sarcastically to indicate that you really dislike something....
(yeah boy) yeeeeeaaaahhhhhhh bbboooooyyyy I'll take the oon-call pager for the weekend...

(yeah boy) yeeeeeaaaahhhhhhh bbboooooyyyy I'm so glad that the chick I took out last night was really a guy...
by E-ROCK123 October 15, 2009

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