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In South Texas, where a female gives her man head on a railroad track (usually near a trailer park). Railroad Blow TPT Railblow Blow Track
Dude, Shanay gave me railhead beforez school this morning.
by E-Bra March 17, 2008
While sitting at a railroad crossing (waiting for a long train to pass), you get blown felatio by your girlfriend.
Dude, Sherri gave me railroad blow last night on the way to that party.
by E-Bra May 19, 2008
1. someone who is able to tolerate drinking heavily for an extended period of time.
2. the way one drinks when celebrating St. Patty's Day.
3. to drink like an Irishman.
On St. Patrick's Day Jeffrey will drink like a mick.
I've been drinking since 10:00am and still going strong... I'm good, I drink like a mick.
He can handle it, he drinks like a mick.
by E-Bra March 18, 2009
When eating something (usually when inebriated) and whatever you're eating tastes unusually better than normal. Yummy Tasty
Hey, this pizza (with Ranch) is bucklin!!!
by E-Bra March 18, 2008

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