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5 definitions by E dubb

The act of taking your fist and rubbing it against the pussy or clit in a clockwise or counter-clockwise motion / as a bus driver would "open the door" on a bus.
I was all ripped so I cornered Suzy and hooked her up w/ a Chubby Bus Driver. She was Dazzled.
by E dubb September 12, 2007
11 1
When a male and female are having intercourse on a sandy beach. They must be doggystyle and the male must pull out of the females vagina, insert his penis into the sand then thrust it back into the womans vagina.
Dude I got drunk on vacation....I was boning my lady on the beach and bad news..... Screaming Churro!
by E dubb September 12, 2007
14 6
Looking inside a vagina with a flashlight.
I always wondered what it looked like in there, so I asked my woman if I could do a Curious Wookie to her.
by E dubb September 12, 2007
5 6
Similiar to the Abe Lincoln! The act of a male shaving his pubic hair, holding the shaved hairs in
his hand, and then proceeding to have intercourse from behind with a female.When the male is near climax, he flips the female over on her back and ejaculates all over her chest. He then throws his shaved hairs on her chest and hopes that they will stick while he gives a loud gorilla call and pounds
his chest like King-Kong.
Get her drunk as fuck grab the tin snips and the Screaming Gorilla shows its ugly head.
by E dubb September 12, 2007
4 10
A variation on the Dutch Oven, where a man farts while having sex with his girl, and while still completely inserted inside her he pulls and holds the
covers over them both and tries to stay erect and inside the entire time.
I ate sliders! The snuggler will make an appearance.
by E dubb September 12, 2007
4 22