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RH is shorty for random hoe. It's the slutty bitches at parties that anyone could get with. No need for a name.
Yo you see that RH in the corner. She is asking for the dick in her mouth
by E dub April 16, 2003
a verb. To scream and cry simultaneously; rage; basically, to lose your shit.
Rush-hour traffic makes my want to scry!

scream cry rage go crazy
#scream #cry #rage #wail #go crazy
by E Dub March 28, 2015
To sneeze and cough at the same time; a sneeze that sounds like a cough.
Tammy's eyes watered and mouth gaped open as she let out the biggest snough that I've ever heard!
#sneeze #cough #sneezing #coughing #snough #snoughing
by E Dub March 28, 2015
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