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sumtin dat is said to express ur hyperness.
by E das me June 01, 2009
the day white ppl become slaves.the day where justice is served.
this is an example of reverse slavery:
black slave-master:pick the cotton whitey!
white slave:ok master,do u wanna bj afterwards
black slave-master:no u faggot
by E das me August 11, 2009
a pretty jewish girl dat can really suck a dick and got a sweet ass pussy
elizabeth berkley is a very sweet shalomie.shez my shalomie.
by E das me June 01, 2009
a sexually retarded person.
gay activist:quinton was born wit dis disability dont harrass him.
by E das me May 30, 2009
da coolest device in da world.it makes ppls voices sound so good.it can make the lamest song seem good.
tpain uses autotune
by E das me May 30, 2009

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