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A retarded dating site where perves (most likely sex offenders) go to find dates. Tests have been done and it shows if you put a swimsuit model as your picture perves around 40 will flock to you.
Typical Chat on E Harmony.

(Internet Chat) Decoy to Match: I am 13
Match: Cool Come meet me at ur house

(Shows up at Decoy House)
Decoy: Come on in, I just have to do my hair.

(Decoy proceeds to door in kitchen covered by curtain)

(Chris Hanson come out of nowhere)
Chris: Why don't you just take a seat right there?

(Match is totally freaking out)
Match: I did not do anything sir!!
Chris: What are you doing here?
Match: Hanging out
Chris: With her? how old is this girl?
Match: eighteen
Chris: It says right here she say " I am thirteen"
Match: Uh..
Chris: Did you sent her this picture of your genitals?
(Shows pic)
Match: (Gets fed up with uncomfortable conversation and walks out)
Chris: Wait come back here.

Police standing nearby: Get down on the ground!!
by E Harmony Joke November 13, 2009

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