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when a pretty blonde girl does something steriotypically "blonde" ie: walking into a pole, not getting a joke, or getting it slower than other people, and/or saying lots of "likes" in the same sentence
oh my god, i like totally had a blonde moment, i just tripped over your dog and then i landed on your boyfriends penis...sorry
by E dawg February 15, 2004
it makes a screeching noise inside the eshaust pipes of a car.....the whistles go WOOOO, when you want a WooWoo, its a woowoo, ya know what im saayin, its just fo decorashon man just fo decorashon, thats it an thats all, the do it fo decorashon, but...its only in da monin, yo supposed to be cookin breakfast or somethin, so its like an alarm clock...WOOWOOOOO
ya dawg, i got this tight ass whistler tip installed by bubb rubb and lil sis yesterday, it makes the sound: WOOWOOO
by E dawg February 15, 2004
1. A "cutesy" way of referring to the gooch.

2. A name given to a pet (usually a cat) that has a sex-crazed owner who is in the closet about their sick and twisted sexual fantasies.
"Hey Mich3lo, Whas mean 'Goochi'?"

"Oh, nothing. I just thought it was a cute name for my cat." *drool*
by E Dawg September 27, 2004
1. a term used when referring to what someones face looks like right after they have sex.

2. a term used when referring to the look of ultimate orgasmic pleasure at the climax
1. whoaa, just look at timmys fuck face, i can totally tell he just had sex with laura

2. marshas fuck face was fucking amazing...her oratic orgasm totally matched her expression
by E dawg February 15, 2004
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