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The Ancient Rulers of the Darkness, in a time before Time, when no Light existed. They who were slain by The Elder Gods, namely Marduk, begotten son of The Father Enki; Marduk who is Lord of Lords and Magician of Magicians, First Born and Ruler of The Elder Gods, Fashioner of The Magic Name, The Magic Word, The Magic Number and The Magic Shape and were cast into the eternal Abyss, The Netherworld, called Hades and Absu.

From the blood of Kingu, Ruler of The Ancient Ones, was the race of Man created and from the fluids of the vile Serpent Tiamat were the Heavens, the Stars and the Earth created.

The Ancient Ones keep constant watch over The Gates of Absu, forever seeking enterance into Our World, so that They may rule the Earth.

Wicked are those magicians that are skilled that they may rouse The Ancient Ones and rouse The Serpent of The Deep Waters, known as Cthulhu, and grant them access into Our World.

Grant thyself power by The Names of Elder Gods by reading and following to the letter the formulae contained within the pages of The Necronomicon, known as The Book of The Black Earth and The Book of the Dead, brought to us from the teachings and scripts of Abdul Alhazarad, known by many as The Mad Arab, paying particular attention to those written down within the pages of The Maklu Text and The Book of The Calling.
The Elder Gods did War in Heaven with The Ancient Ones, so as to create Light out of Supreme Darkness and the Heavens and The Earth and all that dwell therein.
by E April 06, 2005
doing acid and mdma (ecstacy) at the same time
dude, last week i went candy-flipping, i was tripping balls
by E February 10, 2005
Another way of saying killed.
"Man, that dumb ass went and got himself kilt!"
by E April 05, 2005
A guy you can trust, and who is fun to be around.
your gonna like this guy hes a good fella
by E December 30, 2002
MBA jargon for "the whole is greater than its parts."
When our teams work together, we can form a synergistic relationship by leveraging the talent from both teams.
by E June 02, 2004
So mad you dont even know what to say anymore.
That fukin guy man GRRRRRRR
by E December 30, 2002
1: In cyberpunk terms, any type of malware. Viruses, trojans, spyware,etc.

2: In normal boring everyday terms, the ice that covers black pavement, typicallly almost impossible to spot during the night and easily slipped on.
Just switching to Mozilla helps you avoid a lot of black ice.

I busted my ass on the black ice outside of Ruby Tuesday's.
by e April 19, 2005

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