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Best rapper from Harlem ever. Deff one of the best rappers of all time, its basiclly just him and tupac. Everyone else is around the same lvl. Both are influential rappers that move the shit out of there listeners. And both dont appeal to only one race like most other rappers. A white boi from the burbs and a nigga from the bronx can both listen to his song and agree/understand.
"The things ive seen in life would make you choke by surprise/like an aborted fetus in a jar that opens its eyes"-Internally Bleeding

"It's like Cambodia the killing fields uptown
We live in distress and hang the flag upside down
The sound of conservative politicians on television
People in the hood are blind so they tell us to listen
They vote for us to go to war instantly
But none of their kids serving the infantry
The odds are stacked against us like a casino
Think about it, most of the army is black and latino
And if you can't acknowledge the reality of my words
You just another stupid mother fucker out on the curb
Trying to escape from the ghetto with your ignorant ways
But you can't read history at an illiterate stage
And you can't raise a family on minimum wage
Why the fuck you think most of us are locked in a cage
I give niggaz the truth, cause they pride is indigent
You better off rich and guilty than poor and innocent
But I'm sick of feeling impotent watching the world burn
In the era of apocalypse waiting my turn
I'm a Harlem nigga that's concerned with the future
And if your in my way it'd be an honor to shoot ya
Up root ya with the evil that grows in my people
Making them deceitful, cannibalistic and lethal
But I see through the mentality implanted in us
And I educate my fam about who we should trust"
-Harlem Streets
by E February 13, 2005
a fucking ugly slut.
Paris Hilton is a fugly slut.
by E January 08, 2005
when doing anything in life, the unintential happens....
we were playing pool and the guy went javi and knocked in 3 balls and didnt even call it!
by E January 24, 2005
"reina" means Queen in spanish...
someone with utter beauty...beautiful voice...everyone sees her and knows her...an unspoken balance between her and this guy...it isn't fair for him to stare at receivers to receive her...she's everything he wants yet...shes so unattainable by him...
im in love with a Reinna, yet she's so high that i can't have her...
by E April 01, 2005
Commerical rapper turned religious. He was overrated a bit. Deff not near one of the best but wasnt bad. Deff still better then cam'ron.
Welcome Back. . .Did you get tired of fingering the 11y/o boys?
by E February 13, 2005
Nothing much. Not too much. As in a response to, "what's going on?" or "what's up?"
Q: Hey, what's the good word?

A: I can't call it
by e January 03, 2005
A particually potent variety of marijuana which gets me sufficiently cained.
"This roundabout just enhances the potency of the joint"
by e May 16, 2004

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