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This is a female butthole that is so nice that you just wanna fuck it real hard. I mean this butthole is perfect. Its not dirty or anything. It even smells good: like fresh picked apples. Its so perfect that poop has never touched it. This butthole is so good that you even wanna lick it and kiss it and stick your toungue in it and touch it and stick your nipples in it and finger it and stick your toes in it and rub the outsides of it with your forehead and put shaving cream all over it and shave it and then play ultimate frisbee with it and then give it gadorade to drink because its probably thirsty from playing ultimate frisbee with you and then feed it strawberries dipped in chocolate and then put eyes on top of it and a mouth on the bottom of it and pretend its a face and talk to it and whisper sweet nothings in its ear and then watch poop dribble out of it.
I was fucking this girl and lemme just tell you she had one beautiful butthole.
by E? September 04, 2006
When you make an ice cream sunday in a girls butthole and then you start eating it and your having a lot of fun and then the girl farts and a little poop comes out and some of it gets on your lips and just a little gets in your mouth and on your tongue and you throw up into the girls butthole and then she throws up and when she throws up the starts to poop and she poops in your mouth and the log of poop is covered in your throw up and your so disgusted that you poop too but your poop is diarhea and it gets all over the floor and its all messy and the girl gets even more grossed out and then she makes diarhea all over your face and then you both celebrate your poopy adventure by eating eachother’s poop.
stinky sundays are not fun
by E? September 04, 2006
A portopottie that has become so smelly and so inundated with shit that one could swim in it like one would do in a pool.
I went to urinate in a portopottie and when I opened the door shit flowed all over me because that portopottie was such a poop pool.
by E? September 03, 2006
This is a sexual position in which a man covers up a woman's vaginal opening with a slice of American cheese and then he sticks a chess piece, usually a queen, through the piece of American cheese and into the woman's pussy. Then he takes the cheese and makes a cheese burger with it. However, he doesn't eat the cheese burger just yet; he also sticks it up the woman's pussy. Then he eats the woman out until he fully eats the cheese burger. Then when he gets to the chess piece he takes it out and he plays the woman in chess. If he wins the woman cooks him some bacon and he gets to eat it out of her asscrack. If he loses, he has to pull on pooplog out of the woman's butthole.
I did a cheesy chess with this girl and I totaly pwned her in chess.
by E? September 04, 2006
Its a really gross vagina.
Friend: yo i have the funniest story to tell you!
Me: lets hear it.
Friend: okay so i went to this girls apartment and the girl was banging hot; perky tits, real nice ass, cute face - she was banging and we were making out and i pulled down her pants so i could fuck her vag and there was a pooplog in her pussy!! oh it was the sickest thing i had ever seen oh man i threw up all over her vagina it was even more gross - it truely was a vile vagina :-)
by E? September 03, 2006
Its when a girl's ass grows one nipple on each cheek so that her ass cheeks become a pair of titties and since ass cheeks are usually bigger than titties, the titties on the girl's ass are said to be busty.
I like it when a girl has a busty backside because then a girl has four titties and thats twice as good as two.
by E? September 04, 2006
These are carrots that are grown in the bowels of a fat dude and then pooped out into a tub of boiling water so that the carrots can boil to a simmer and then the fat guy gobbles up the boiling carrots with his steaming butthole.
Ass Carrots are so delicious!
by E? September 03, 2006

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