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An early eighties term referring to male oral sex, popularised in the smiths song of the same title.
Reel around the fountain, shove me on the patio, I'll take it slowly. A-whoa-a-whoa-a-whoa-a-whoa-ho.
#smiths #the smiths #morrissey #reel #fountain
by Dzoldzaya December 20, 2006
Member of a social sub-culture, for example, goth or emo, who've only joined the sub-culture for the image associated with it. This is usually the majority of most sub-cultures.
A: Ah, a lady of the night, how are you coping with the vampirism that enshrouds your very soul? Does immortality come to you as a curse or a gift?
B: Hehe, no, I know I'm a freak, hehe, but I'm not really a vampire, hehe, giggle.
A: Begone, filthy slave of consumer capitalism! IMAGE KID!!!!!!!!
#goth #emo #chav #image #kid #scenester #scene kid
by Dzoldzaya December 07, 2006
An adjective to describe any music that someone doesn't like, for reasons other than 'it doesn't sound good', usually because it is formulaic in some way, or because the hooks/harmonies are too obvious.
"Any black metal song with a discernable hook is poppy."

#sell-out #pop #music #black #metal #nitroglycerine #elf #tower
by Dzoldzaya December 26, 2006
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