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Go6o87 is white ngr. He loves to listen rap music. He listening rap music three times at day. Go6o87 favourite drink is Wine 0.9.46. He's the creator of the universe and the universe is made with open source. Go6o87 is one very big mada faka. Everybody loves Go6o87. He's our favourite homie. Viva la Go6o87.
Don't fuck with him. Go6o87 = 1337 = ngr with a modda fuc*ing gun.
by Dzhorov November 23, 2007
PVT is the most popular bulgarian gangsta organization. It's the most powerful in the universe. They have secret weapons like atomic bombs and poscupular ultraviolet antihumanoid bombs like puke. Every gangsta member is with code name of animal. Sheep is the badest. He's a litle faggot and is CS n00b. PVT is full with quake 3 ninjas. It's very 1337.
They will destroy the universe and recreate it. PVT will own you.
by Dzhorov November 23, 2007
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