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Derived from a 1993 rap song by rapper E-40 about the adventures of a Financial savior to underpriviledged inner city hood rats.

A golddigger's dream. A man that will drop dimes on you (i.e. get your hair and nails done, take care of your childroes, pay your bills)

A man that does this is usually Captain Savin'

See Captain Savin'
Look up in the sky, it's a bird, it's plane!
Wus that foolz name
Captain Save A Hoe main
by Dz Nutz January 16, 2004
Pussy lips. Term used to describe a large labia. Usually associated with a swollen clit. Many women are born with this feature. A very common condition among European women. Word derived from its resemblance to cut Fried Bologna, which is an urban ghetto treat for poor households who cant afford other types of meat. Ham Sandwich from its resemblance to both types of meat sticking out of a bun.
Chrissy had huge pussy lips, that resembled a bologna winged ham sandwich.
by Dz Nutz January 16, 2004
What occurs when you deficate and a piece of feces hangs on the end of your anus and refuses to drop into the toilet. Wriggling is usually required during dingalation.

s. dingalate, pl. dingalates
When I eat lots of fruit, it results in dingalation during defication.
by Dz Nutz January 16, 2004
See Childroz,

Both term used to describe ghetto and trailer park children.
I got really pissed at Any, because my dick was hard and her childroes were still up
by Dz Nutz January 16, 2004
The ability to financial support an underpriviledged or gold digging female.
John used to fuck Lakeesha on a regular basis. But she admitted that she wouldn't fuck around with his ugly ass unless he was doing some major Captain Savin'.
by Dz Nutz January 17, 2004
A condition when you constantly plug up the can. Usually associated with massive bowel movements.
I at a large dinner the night before work and over flowed the toilet. I suffer from a bad case of doodoo overflowsasis.
by Dz Nutz January 16, 2004
A small penis.
I was about to have sex with, and I could not belive the size of his tee tee.
by Dz Nutz January 16, 2004

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