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2 definitions by Dyno_Dyke

Honesty about being a lesbian. Own up, girl.
Brenda: "I like cats."

Freida: "You mean you like pussy?"

Brenda: "Yep."

Freida: "That's some hardcore lesbihonesty."
by Dyno_Dyke July 11, 2009
A person who claims bisexuality on the basis of a love of the fucking. Basically, they have sex with everyone...and love it.
Jamie: "Did you hear about Lucy? She fucked Hannah, Greta, and Bonnie."

Nicki: "I heard she got it on with Robbie, Josef and Raul."

Jamie: "I heard she was bisexual..."

Nicki: "Sounds more like a bislutual."
by Dyno_Dyke July 11, 2009