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Used when something is chill(to your liking), but you are sick of hearing everyone us the word chill so this word becomes a modern replacement.
That was a chull b-shack.
by Dyne Lybs March 21, 2005
Smoking such an extremely outrageously big bongload that the smoke produced makes a temporary smoke shack that stops all sobrietarians from entering the premises. The only way of entrance to the shack is by producing more smoke to extend the shack. The word is derived from gnomes that dwell deep within the northern California forests.
Don't worry if you can't pay the rent, we can just build a b-shack.
by Dyne Lybs March 21, 2005
Someone who has tendencies of a retard, but can still function in society.
Joe you are a wetard for buying buying a blind parrot.
by Dyne Lybs March 21, 2005
Short for Tough Guy. Can be used for any male who cannot control the testosterone going to his brain and results looking like an ass who lets his immediate emotions control his clownshoe remarks and steroid, jock, idiot tendencies.
Look at that TG over there, with his lame wife beater and barbwire tattoo, staring at himself in front of the GNC storefront window.
by Dyne Lybs March 22, 2005

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