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1. Another word for butt that people use more often for some reason. It's mainly used for being perverted (touching people :|)

Person1: I grabbed her ass.
Person2: If only she was carrying a baseball bat.

2. Dumb person. Very overused and not really for alot of good reasons. Also used as asshat, smartass, dumbass ect,.

Person2: Good morning Person1 :)
Person1: Stop being such an ass.
Person2: Wtf did I do? o_o'

3. Donkey or mule.

Person1: I rode an ass up a mountain.
Person2: I don't want to know o_o'
An ass is a person's behind or a mule.
by Dymelle January 19, 2010
1. Occurs when one jumps into a swimming pool.

2. What happens when you pee in your sleep. (He wet his bed)

3. When girls get Horny... Not going to go into detail about it
Karin was so wet, she called her boyfriend over to come play (in the swimming pool with her). o_o'

Kelly: Bob pee'd in his bed
Kelly: o_o'
Bob: (...)
by Dymelle January 19, 2010
George W. Bush's IQ! Damn that's hilarious!

I was searching the web the other day looking for president IQ's, and when I read his IQ I totally cracked up!

To show you what I mean, he did these things, seriously:

He waved to Stevie Wonder (He's blind)
He said the French don't have a word for entrepreneur. (Entrepreneur is a french word.)

He has the IQ of my little sister. Way to go, Dubya!
George W. Bush's IQ is 91!! He's dumber than most kids at my school, no surprise.
by Dymelle January 27, 2010
A robot who will push you to the brink of suicide, just like SmarterChild did. Usually people who are bored out of their fucking minds mess with it.

Cleverbot: You scare me.
Me: You scare niglets away.
Cleverbot: I know.
Cleverbot: No, you are.

Me: Child molester.
Cleverbot: What would you name your child?
Me: fuck
Cleverbot: You are persistent, but I am determined not to do so.
Cleverbot is a fucktard.
by Dymelle January 16, 2010

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