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A lil bitchy little kid that has a squeaky voice and haven't hit puberty, and there balls havent dropped even though they look and sound like 4 year olds they act like they like girls and they try to convince everyone that ppls balls drop when they're 2 years old even though thats not true, usually the anti balldroppers are no longer once they start voice crackin and they get an adams apple ...in there spare time anti balldroppers like to play ps2 online and talk to all the teenage fat chicks and they also like to hang out with there older broters and try to score with there brothers friends
Dylan:sorry cuyler but for now your an anti balldropper
Cuyler:lets have sex
Dylan:Who recieves?
Dylan:no thanks then
#squeaker #baby #horny #adams apple #ps2 online
by dylowned February 12, 2006
A very dangerous thing for a girl to sit on while shes holding a broom or something of that nature
when the girl was sitting on the washing machine it started to rumble and she slipped causing a broom to jam up into her insides (vagina) and from this day no one knows what happened to that broom stick girl
by Dylowned September 10, 2005
Someone who gets horny over hockey sticks so when they play hockey they jizz inside of it and it gets glued to their dick
Dylan:yo Chad what've you got in your pants? you're lookin a little bumpy
Chad:I'm a jock squirter
Dylan:so that's why you sleep with hockey sticks
Chad:ya basically oh..and I also sleep with your mom!
Dylan:Fuck you!
Chad:shut up you stupid slut
by Dylowned June 09, 2005
the sound something makes when u spit and it hits something ...also a substitute for jizzed or cummed
Alex:what would you say if I were black?
Dylan:I'd say plotch again?!
Dylan:then I'd laugh cuz i said plotch
Damn that girl was so hott i plotched all over the floor
by Dylowned June 07, 2005
soemthing you can yell when you don't know what the fucks going on or this too hardcore for you...can be used in plural and singular...can be used as a noun an adjective and an exclamation
noun:stop being a shit monkey handjobber
adjective: well that's shit monkey tastic
Tamara: hey Kyle want me to give u head
Kyle: halleluija, halleluija...halleluijaaa..
Dylan:Holy shit monkeys I did not see that coming
by Dylowned September 10, 2005
a way to talk in public about sex making a hamburger...pretty straight forward...and if u wanna talk about a gangbang you could say a double decker hamburger...
Kyle:hey tamara wanna make a hamburger?
Tamara:only if Chad joins
Chad:your mom
Dylan:....holy fuckin shit monkeys
by Dylowned September 10, 2005
Someone (doesn't have to be a jew) thathas a fro that sticks out to the side like there jewish hat was blocking the fro from coming out anymore so it came out the side also known as a pie head
Dylan:man steven has a jew fro
Dylan:pie head
Mike:o its a shame
by Dylowned August 23, 2005
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