22 definitions by Dylowned

when you are so fat or your balls are so small you have to look in the miror to see them
Dylan:Jesus man you weigh like 300 pounds you must have mirror balls!
Fatty:Wtf are mirror balls??
Dylan:go look on urbandictionary jackass!
Fatty:screw you bitch!
by Dylowned June 01, 2005
biats comes from the word biotch witch meens BITCH ....
I'm rich biats ..honk honk!
I did that biats up the bum hard last night
by Dylowned May 21, 2005
something that you call someone when they're basically as useful as having a pocket filled with human shit
Joe:my dog humper learned a new trick
Dylan:whats that?
Joe:I taught him to eat now he's not anorexic and shrivled
Dylan:stupid shit pocket...
by Dylowned September 10, 2005
playing hobo is if your're tired or sore and there's no place to go because you're outside so you just take a little nap or a rest on the streets like a hobo
Man that soccer game was intense and now I have to walk 15 minute back home...I think I'll play hobo for a while
by Dylowned June 23, 2005
it's just a good insult to call someone if you have nothing else to say or it can break an akward silence
Dylan:butt puppy hand jobber
by Dylowned August 04, 2005
a word used when someone is telling you about their problems and frankyl you dont give a buffalos ass
Joe:...i just broke up with my long time girlfriend Susie
by Dylowned July 30, 2005
when you have really bad diarhea and you can write stuff on walls with your shit
Dylan:Hey i habe diarhea wanna go do some ass graffiti?
Kyle:Wtf is ass graffiti?
Dylan:fuck you dick slurper
Kyle:screw you anus hair plucker
Dylan:go shove your 1 inch dick up your nose bitch!
by Dylowned June 01, 2005

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