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THE HAWK is reffered to as the principle or one in a high position in a high school. THE HAWK often catches students playing halo or watching harry potter in the lounge room, or promptly has a birds-eye-view over the whole cafeteria in an attempt to catch students throwing water bottles into garbage cans dangerously. THE HAWK never stops in his/her pursuit for justice, and are rare in many high schools. THE HAWK's favorite prey is generally between 9nth and 11nth graders. THE HAWK often preffers combed-back gelled hair, and business attire. On occasion, the THE HAWK swoops from atop the ceiling, grabs the student, and feeds him/her to it's baby hawks for nutrition.
Student, "Dude I bet I can drain this water bottle in the garbage can!"

Other Student "Nah dude, don't, your a fucking dumbass"

Student misses horribly and is the prey of the hawk, who immediately takes him/her to the principles office.
by Dyldo "the jet" Baggins January 07, 2011
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