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A person who acts really stupid, and your not sure if he or she is a retard or a dumbass. So you just say dumbass retard.
Me: Shelly is a dumbass.

Friend: No dude, I think she's is just retarded.

Me: Well then she's a dumbass retard.
by Dylan Koppinger June 23, 2006
The solution to all the mustangs lovers out there that say, "Camaros are faster than mustangs but not mustang saleens and GT 500."

The ZL-1 is just faster but, way faster.

The new ZL-1's are just like the LS-1 but with double the Horsepower.

Camaro SS vs. Mustang Saleen
Victor: Mustang Saleen by a few car lengths.

Camaro ZL-1 vs. Mustang Saleen
Victor: Camaro ZL-1 by more than just a few car lengths.
by Dylan Koppinger July 13, 2006

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