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A dancefloor technique to attract the attention of a partner. Essentially this involes backing your bootie towards your partner and getting close, often thrusting. This technique will initiate a grind type of dancing.
She's backing-up to you dog! Get in

Let's get on the dancefloor dog. We can back-up on those hotties over there
by Dykester January 15, 2007
That sweet-spot in life, when everything comes together.
"When the revs are 6000rpm, my Supra is in the tapzone"

"I got in the tapzone last night with Donna"

"In the last mile in the race, I was in the tapzone, my legs felt great"
by Dykester August 03, 2006
Accepting a situation where you are kinda just hanging out and not really doing anything much
"I'd like to meet you after the show"
"Nah, I'm not really "down with the hang" tonight - I just wanna go home."

by Dykester October 25, 2006
Become totally focused on getting in the tapzone, to the extent one can not see what is going on around them
"Simon was completely tapblind - all he wanted to do was score with that girl".

"Now that Simon is seeing that chubby girl - he's tapblind to his friends."
by Dykester October 28, 2006

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