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Jamaica Plain is a delicious melting pot of 2 different but compatible groups. On one hand you have your pot smoking, gray-haired lesbians who cart their adopted Vietnamese/Guatemalen kids to youth soccer via Tandem bicycles. In JP those brave enough to introduce their rat-tailed children to "other" cultures may do so by signing them up for JP Little League where they get plenty of Puerto Rican love and lots of that cheap sugary drink that you poke a hole in the top to drink. While the white people show up to practice in L.L. Bean subarus, the Ricans arrive a dozen to a low-riding honda accord complete with florescent bottom lights and the Puerto Rican flag draped across the rear window. JP has a great shopping center boasting Nubian soap shops and Afro-American/bitter feminist book shop, conveniently located next to the Foot Locker. As you can see JP truly melds cultures and freaks.
Sally: I'm in the mood for some good 'ol crunchy fun.
Jim: Let's go to Wake-Up the Earth day in Jamaica Plain...we can eat lots of tofu, listen to steele drums and get our face painted by mexicans.
by Dyke Hernandez April 09, 2007

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