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11 definitions by Dwayne Boyd

Used by people who ignorantly mean to say regardless. According to webster, it is a word, but since the prefix "ir" and the suffx "less" both mean "not or with" they cancel each other out, so what you end up with is regard. When you use this to try to say you don't care about something, you end up saying that you do. Of course everyone knows what you mean to say and only a pompous,rude asshole will correct you.
Wife: "Irregardless is not a word, dummy"
Husband: "Kiss my ass bitch! I'm still going to the strip club tonight!"
by Dwayne Boyd August 12, 2005
1929 648
Ghetto. Short for negroid.
"He wanted to date her till he found out she was so groid."
by Dwayne Boyd July 18, 2005
456 80
A non-jewish female. Considered deragatory. In the original Hebrew it means "serving girl", the connatation is that the female is of a lower class and there for unfit for the company of Jewish males.
"Rachel dumped Joshua when she found out he was banging some shicksa"
by Dwayne Boyd August 18, 2005
141 53
A female who is horny and looking. The term comes from the fact that when a female mamale comes into heat, their genital area increases in temperature to help attract males.
"Tasha was so hot in the ass last night she did the whole crew"
by Dwayne Boyd December 09, 2005
52 12
When someone is doing or wearing something and dispalying much attitude, thinking they are the ultimate, but the result is actually the oipposite. The inference is that just like you can't see air, the person can't see that they areen't really fierce at all. The exact opposite of "fierce" Used mostly by gay men in the 80's and 90's.
"Did you see Miss Thing marching around in those pumps? She is so air-firece."
by Dwayne Boyd August 12, 2005
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The period of rest between sex. Usually applies to the male and how long it takes him to become errect again. Allusion is to the time it takes a web browser to pull up a web page. Fater refresh rates being more deserable than slower ones
"Joe-Joe has a really quick refresh rate."
by Dwayne Boyd January 05, 2006
9 5
Slang for a small penis.
"I can't believe she's dating Kwan. He's got a shitake mushroom.
by Dwayne Boyd September 05, 2005
14 16