11 definitions by Dwayne Boyd

Slang for a small penis.
"I can't believe she's dating Kwan. He's got a shitake mushroom.
by Dwayne Boyd September 05, 2005
The result of a woman being caught unaware and unprepared for her menstral flow
"Can you believe Paul actually is turned on by bloomer pudding?"

"Stacy ordor was a result of bloomer pudding"
by Dwayne Boyd August 18, 2005
The result of fecal matter clinging to a condom during anal sex. The result is them pinched ballon tip of tyhe condom hangs down while the condom is on the still-erect penis.
"Don't fuck Tracey in the ass, her shit is so scummy she always makes condom weights."
by Dwayne Boyd January 05, 2006
an overly sensitive, emotional hetrosexual male or an extremly femine male. The allusin is to the enemies of Jamie Sommers, "The Bionic Woman" who were femal impersonating female. The connotation is that this man is so intouch with his feminie side he dosent have to fake or act.Its automatic, like a robaot, thus making him a fembot and the enemy of uncaring, insensitive males everywhere.
Kevin actually cried when Tash'a cat died? man, he is such a fembot.
by Dwayne Boyd December 30, 2005

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