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3 definitions by Dwardo

Act of removing one's sock, crapping in it, lighting the sock of crap on fire before slapping someone upside the head with it.
After my wife's mother insulted me I was forced to give her a Flaming Filthy Carl.
by dwardo June 30, 2004
your baby has a yeast infection, so you get out the monterey jack and shred some cheese above her yogurt laden yeast infected crotch and get down to chowing
Jill had a yeastie, so I gave her a right rough Santa Fe shave, but she puked on me.
by Dwardo January 11, 2005
the act of moving your falcid belly into six pack abs at the site of a hottie.
then Britney spears walked by and he totally phwoared it till she blew by.
by Dwardo January 11, 2005