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Slang for breasts, preferably large enough to offer sufficient head support while sleeping.
Sharon's milk pillows are huge.
by DwarZZ November 24, 2005
A parking meter that is in the process of being beaten with a baseball bat or other blunt object, for the purpose of breaking it open and stealing the change inside.
Get my bat, I'm in the mood for a street pinata.
by DwarZZ November 16, 2005
Any sort of vaginal secretion.
Before buying a new bikini, Jane checked extensively to make sure it was free of girl gunk.
by DwarZZ July 31, 2008
The feeling of unity based on common goals, interests, and sympathies, as long as all parties involved own vaginas. Very rare in modern society.
With all the catty bitches around nowadays, it's nice to see some occasional cuntidarity.
by DwarZZ December 12, 2007
Slang for a woman's vagina.
"My, that is a soggy chotty."
by DwarZZ May 26, 2005
When a woman wants to remove her bra, and she first takes off her shirt, then takes off her bra, and then puts her shirt back on. This exposes her breasts to onlookers (and hopefully a camera phone) for a few seconds.
If that bra is becoming too restrictive for you, why don't you perform an off off on?
by DwarZZ July 15, 2005
The act of being raped in a facial orifice (typically, a nostril or ear).
Jane totally got faped last night.
by DwarZZ January 13, 2007

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