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It is a town in central Illinois that consists of around 14,000 people. It was once known as the glass capital of the world, and was also known as little Chicago back in the day for its gangs. There isn't much to do in Streator, so there are a lot of bars and a lot of excessive underage drinking. It is also one of the top ten micropolitan areas with near by Ottawa.
Why the hell would I want to go into Streator. That town is crazy.
by Duze February 04, 2008
It is when you call up your buddy and give him a holla to drink alcohol.
Hey, let's drink tonight. I'll give you and alcoholla.
by Duze February 01, 2008
the state of drinking right before one has got a buzz. it is in between being sober and a buzz
Man I definitely ain't buzzin yet, I'd say I'm tropin.
by Duze February 01, 2008
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