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The hot little convertible sports car (any vintage, from classic to next year's model) that you just know was purchased by a guy with a combover as part of his midlife crisis.
Check out that red ragtop Corvette in front of Denny's! That's a crisis car if I've ever seen one. You know the driver is some old bald dude with a combover going through a divorce.
by Duxall Inarow June 03, 2010
Squirrels: An interjectory word used to notify a friend that their attention and conversation are bouncing around like a labrador with ADHD at a squirrel festival.
So Jennifer asked me to go with her to ohmigawd did I tell you about this place with the fountain? So I texted her back and anyway you've got to see my new iPhone it's so amazing I've got to show you the YouTube about the guy drawing on one. Ooooh, let's stop for ice cream and oh wow do you see that blond guy? ohmig...


by Duxall Inarow June 30, 2010
A "Jet Blue exit" epitomizes the "I quit!" we have all dreamed about, the style in which we'd all like to leave our jobs. Tell off the boss, thumb your nose at your co-workers, set that stack of customer service complaints on fire, grab a beer and hit the tarmac running.
My manager was riding me so hard this afternoon I came this >< close to pulling a Jet Blue exit and telling her where to shove her expense reports.
by Duxall Inarow August 12, 2010
The sculpted ridge of central snow left on the roof of a vehicle by someone either too lazy or too short to brush it all off.
I was cruising down the highway behind a Tahoe sporting this ginormous snowhawk when the Tahoe's driver hit a pothole. Like an icy combover on a guy in a convertible, the damned snowhawk grabbed air, flipped back towards me, and I was sure that was going to be the last thing my Prius and I ever saw.
by Duxall Inarow December 11, 2009
"Barbie wrapped" describes any item that is so thoroughly sealed, tied, welded, twistied, taped, glued, and sewn into its plastic packaging that a normal human being can't get it out without several hours, numerous sharp implements, two power tools, and a box of Band-Aids.
I tried to put together that RaptorGizmoTron after my kid went to sleep, but it was so Barbie-wrapped that I ended up in the ER getting stitches instead.
by Duxall Inarow December 16, 2010

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